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Weruva Classic for Cats, Paw Lickin' Chicken

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Paw Lickin' Chicken Recipe in Gravy (5.5 oz Can)

Give me an order of chicken breast, hold the veggies, hold the grains. In fact, hold everything. And while you’re at it, make it free of added antibiotics, free of added hormones, and cage free.

Carrageenan Free!

Weruva Classics natural cat food, made with the highest quality cuts of meat or lean fish loins provide high protein and low fat recipes. All meat is hand flaked right off the bone and hand packed for optimal quality. Weruva Classics feature limited ingredient with exclusively land or seafood proteins.

  • Minced recipe in a delicious gravy
  • Grain, Gluten, Carrageenan and MSG free. Preservative free and made with no artificial flavors or colors
  • High moisture to maintain cats hydrated and healthy
  • All fish are wild caught, dolphin and sea turtle safe and responsibly sourced
  • Made in a human food facility
  • Weruva is proud to be a family owned company

5.5 Ounce
Sold as Single Cans