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Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Minnows

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Freeze-dried Minnows are the most popular treat on the planet! Dogs go crazy when they see and smell these tasty morsels. Our slow, 48-hour freeze-drying process locks in vital nutrients without cooking the raw meat. Plus, these are an award-winning, high value treat - when you want to really treat your dog well, treat with freeze-dried Minnows.


Product Features and Benefits

  • WHY FREEZE-DRIED TREATS? Our freeze drying process is a full 48 hours, we do not cook the fish, we remove the moisture, creating a crunchy, healthy, nutritious packed dog treat your dog knows by instinct.
  • NATURAL PROTEIN - check our label, you will find one ingredient in this simple to serve dog treat - minnows.
  • NEW PUPPY? Vital Essentials dog treats are gluten free, small bites, easy for your new fur baby to digest.
  • SINGLE SOURCE PROTEIN: Minnows dog treats are an entire minnow your dog would munch on in the lake. No added anything, just the full Minnow. No worries, Vital Essentials dog treats are freeze dried, removing the human yuck factor.
  • UNIQUE PROTEIN - feed your dog treats that contain ingredients you and your dog know. Freeze dried, grain free, Minnows are a protein often suggested by veterinarians to help alleviate hot spots, itchy skin, dry coat and other allergy issues.
  • MOTIVATING TREAT - Your dog will be highly motivated with our Minnows high value reward treats, good tasting and nutritious. Treat better - train faster!

HOW TO FEED MINNOWS? Very easy, zip open the convenient, resealable pouch, sprinkle a few on the ground or feed individually during training.