Professional Grade LED Black Light Urine Finder

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Urine Off LED Black Light Urine Finder

The Urine-Off Urine Finder Light is custom-engineered to locate those hidden, dried uric salt crystals- invisible to the naked eye. The crystalline structure of dried urine causes it to fluoresce a dull yellow color under ultraviolet (UV or "black") light. After locating the dried urine, apply a cleaning solution as needed.

  • LED light more effectively fluoresces urine, making invisible deposits easier and faster to detect and treat. This is the ideal tool to locate hard-to-find urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Discrete wavelength is engineered to concentrate much of its power within the 380–382.5 nanometer wavelengths to specifically detect urine and other body fluids
  • Professional grade aircraft aluminium construction.

What's the difference between Urine Finder black light and others?

“Black” or ultraviolet (UV) light is a type of light wave within a certain fairly broad frequency range. Within that range, there is a specific light frequency that will cause urine to fluoresce as brightly as possible. Bio-Pro Research Urine Finders are engineered to produce that specific wavelength of UV light, so they simply work better than generic black lights and make the task of locating urine deposits easier.

Any fluorescent “black light” will fluoresce dried urine to some degree – but the brightness will depend on the actual wavelength of the light output, and this varies considerably from light to light. Even among different lights of the same make and model, the manufacturing tolerances of consumer-grade black lights are simply not demanding enough to reliably produce a specific UV light wavelength. These lights are fine for their intended purpose, but for the specific job of detecting dried urine, they are less than ideal (note: incandescent/screw-in household bulbs with “black light” coatings generally will NOT fluoresce urine at all).

Tool measures 6 5/8” long.
Requires (3) AAA batteries – not included