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Tall Tails

Tall Tails Premium Cowhide Print Dog Blanket

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Cowhide Print Dog Blanket - 30" x 40"

A Tall Tails Dog Blanket is the perfect companion for your pup. A bed with a warm and familiar blanket speaks to your dog's natural nesting instincts. They can push, pull, and paw the blanket until their sleep spot is just right providing similar comfort and security as their den would have in the wild. If you and your pup are on the go, bring the blanket along for the ride! Having that comfortable, familiar, and secure place to rest on the go helps your dog feel at home.

  • Mindfully-made dog blanket available in 2 sizes
  • Keeps your dog comfortable and secure in between adventures, whether at home, at camp, or on-the-go
  • Protect furniture or add an extra layer of comfort to your pup's favorite sleeping spot
  • Pair with the Tall Tails Dream Chaser bed series, turning ordinary sleeping spaces into "dreamy" places
  • Machine wash and dry for easy clean up


Part of the Tall Tails Dream Chaser series, the Cowhide Dog Blanket is made with you & your dog in mind. As your pup rests & recovers in between adventures they will nestle, burrow, & snuggle to their heart's desire with their blanket.

Fashioned in exquisitely soft baby-fleece material, Tall Tails dog blankets are a great addition to any dog's bed, crate, or favorite sleep spot. These blankets also serve as furniture protectors to capture unwanted pet hair & can be used as a cover for your dogs bed to maintain a clean sleep environment.

Makes for a great first gift, whether you are bringing a puppy or rescue dog home for the first time. Make their transition to a new home easier with their very own blanket that they can travel with & bring along all the familiar scents of home with them.

Size: 30" x 40"