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Skunk Odor Eliminator For Dogs, Cats & Home

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Professional Strength Skunk Odor Eliminator

This Skunk Odor Remover eliminates skunk spray and skunk odor on skunked pets and surfaces. Safe for use on most indoor and outdoor water-safe surfaces.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Eliminates Skunk Odor
  • Pet and Home Safe

32 Fluid Ounce

Great for skunked animals and surfaces.

Removes: Skunk spray & odor.

Safe Surfaces: Pet, carpet, rugs, tile, laminate, upholstery, bedding, clothing and any other porous & water-safe surface.

Not Recommended For: Natural surfaces such as wool, leather and unsealed wood.


STEP 1: Apply product liberally and apply throughout pet's coat to the skin.

STEP 2: Rinse animal well with room temperature water. Now rinse them again!

STEP 3: Smell for any spots you might have missed and repeat as needed.

RECOMMENDED: Follow up with a pH-balanced pet shampoo & conditioner such as Skout's Honor Probiotic Shampoo & Conditioner.