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Moose Antler Dog Chew, Large

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100% Moose Antler Dog Chew for Dogs and Puppies

Chews Alaska brings your dog a taste of some of the finest Moose Antlers Alaska has to offer! These Naturally Shed antlers not only last a very long time, but also are a great reward and help your dog relieve their stress.

Chew Size Large: Large antlers weigh approx 12 ounces.  Every antler is unique making each chew vary slightly in size, shape, and color. The Quality is Always The Same!

These long lasting dog chews are made from only Grade A antlers. Collected and prepared in Alaska, these are the perfect all natural option for your heavy chewer.

Antler Chew Tips

  • Choose the right size – not one that is too small for your dog to swallow, yet not so large that they cannot chew on it easily
  • Always supervise your dog when he has an antler
  • Remove the antler if he is becoming too aggressive with his gnawing
  • Throw away the antler when it has worn down to a small size which your dog can fit entirely in his mouth


Antler Chews for Puppies
Deer antlers are good treats for puppies, especially when they are teething to relieve the discomfort of their adult teeth coming through. They must be provided with caution though, as puppies are more at risk of swallowing objects. Therefore, make sure you select a large enough size which cannot be swallowed, yet small enough for your puppy to still chew it effectively.