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From the Field Bae Hemp Body Pillow Cat Kicker Toy

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Have your cat snuggle, kick and play with From The Field’s newest toy Bae The Hemp Body Pillow!

One foot of strong hemp fabric filled entirely with 4 Oz of From The Field’s signature organically grown catnip, Silver Vine and Valerian Root, all in one, no fillers!

Cats like to hold on and use their hind legs when playing with cat toys, so giving them a good sturdy long kicker toy is a great way to keep them happy and healthy! It will satisfy their natural hunting instincts of catching real prey.

  • Hemp is one of the strongest plant fiber, hence your cat can go at it full strength!
  • Comes in Assorted Colors.
  • One of the only fully biodegradable kickers available!
  • Made in USA.

Don’t let your cat go a day without his or her Bae!

One 12" Body Pillow Kicker Toy