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Cat Attract Litter, 20 lb

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Cat Attract Litter - 20 Pound Box
Guaranteed to Bring Cats Back to the Litter Box!

Non-use of the litter box is the #1 behavioral reason cats are abandoned, abused or euthanized. Dr. Elsey’s has an effective solution to this often misunderstood problem. For over 15 years, veterinarian formulated Cat Attract training litter, with its natural herb blend, has been a proven solution for cat owners.

Cat Attract provides a solution for cat owners whose cats do not use their litter box. Blended with a natural herb attractant, the ideal texture and particle size combine to solve litter box problems. Each bag has a free Litter Box Solutions Booklet to help cat owners solve their litter box problems.

  • 99.9% Dust-Free
  • All Natural
  • Hard Clumping
  • Multi-Cat Formula
  • Superior Odor Control
  • Proven to Bring Cats Back to the Box


Size: 20 Pound Box