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Natural Chicken Treats, Cluckin’ Good Organic Scratch n’ Corn

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Cluckin’ Good Organic Scratch n’ Corn Treat

Scratch and Peck Feeds Cluckin’ Good Organic Scratch n’ Corn is an excellent treat choice during cold weather seasons. Organic Scratch n’ Corn provides additional energy and the grains and oils offer supplemental nutritional benefits to your flock. Corn is an easily digestible carbohydrate that helps your birds generate energy.

Suitable for chickens, ducks, geese, and all waterfowl.

Organic Scratch n’ Corn is an indulgent treat for your birds ages 9+ weeks, so don’t let it spoil their dinner! Limit Scratch and Peck Feeds Cluckin’ Good Organic Scratch n’ Corn to 10% or less of a nutritionally complete organic diet.

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Animal Welfare Approved (AWA)
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Made in North America

  Organic Barley, Organic Cracked Corn, Organic Wheat, Organic Flaxseed Oil

Feeding Guidelines:

  • Provide to your chickens and ducks as a supplement to our balanced feed formulas. Limit scratch to 10% or less of the full diet. Always offer plenty of fresh water and free choice, appropriately sized grit for optimal digestion.

  • Cluckin’ Good Organic Scratch n’ Corn may be used to train your flock to come when you call! Simply toss out a handful of scratch while calling and they will learn that your call results in fresh tasty grain for them to scratch and peck at! Toss in any areas you would like them to come – such as their coop at dusk – or in their nesting boxes to keep bedding loose and dry. This is an excellent way to promote forage scratching or you may choose to feed it free choice in a separate feeder.

  • Scratch n’ Corn provides an energy boost which can help laying hens handle cooler temperatures or with feather development during moulting season. It is also an excellent addition to your broilers’ feed to boost carbohydrate levels.

  • Be sure to offer the appropriate sized Cluckin’ Good Poultry Grit and plenty of fresh water!

A nutritionally complete premium diet combined with fresh water, a clean coop and nesting environment, and plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and room to roam is among the most important considerations for your flock’s long-term well-being  ♥

Available Sizes: 40 lb