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BULK Catnip | From the Field Kitty Safe Catnip Stalkless Jumbo Bag

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Get your hands on these Jumbo Bulk Catnip Bags! Perfect if you have a lot of cats at home, or make your own cat toys! Great deal!  This one is our popular Kitty Safe Stalkless Catnip variety.

Fine Ground Stalkless (KittySafe, tea bag cut)
This is a grind mixture of leaves and flowers with some stem content (less than 2mm long), for those who prefer no stems in their catnip. Also a favorite for cat toy makers, as it fits easily into any cat toy designs, and have a lower price point. The black spec in the mix are actually catnip seeds (heat sterilized).

Did you know that catnip seeds are as small as mustard seeds? That is why if you grow one catnip plant, it will literally spread hundreds of small seeds all around itself upon maturity. In the next growing season, you will have quite a surprise! Catnip is a cousin of the mint family. Mint is known to be a pretty invasive plant!

Made and organically grown in USA!

Offered in a resealable Bag.
Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Jumbo 10 ounce Bag
Bag size - 8 x 10 inches