Tabby Tokens Rewards Club

Our Tabby Tokens Rewards Club is just one more way for us to say thanks for shopping with us. That’s why we made it easy, automatic and rewarding!

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply sign up by creating an account here and we will automatically give you Tabby Tokens for every dollar you spend – No hassle, nothing to remember and nothing to do but shop. Exchange the Tabby Tokens you earn for cash discounts or other special rewards. Look for announcements that allow you to earn extra tokens and take advantage of specials during events and fundraisers.

Whether you shop in-store or online, every purchase counts. 


  • Join today and get rewarded with 25 FREE Tabby Tokens!
  • Get 1 Tabby Token for every dollar you spend in-store and online.


  • Collect 500 Tabby Tokens and get 5% Off anything in the store.
  • Collect 1000 Tabby Tokens and get 10% Off anything in the store.
  • Collect 2500 Tabby Tokens and get 25% Off anything in the store.



The Tabby Token Rewards Program is the Downtown Tabby Pet Store customer loyalty program. It is a points-based rewards program to recognize and reward our customers for shopping with us. You can sign up in-store or online. It is FREE to join, and Members earn points every time they shop, both in-store and online!


Q. What are Tabby Tokens?
A. Tabby Tokens are the points you earn in our loyalty program that reward you for your everyday pet purchases. You earn Tabby Tokens every time you purchase from our store in Gainesville, Florida, or our online store at These Tabby Tokens can then be redeemed for storewide discounts in our physical and online stores. 

Not a member yet? Sign up online here!


Q. How do I join Tabby Token Rewards?
A. Sign up online here!

Q. Does it cost anything to be a Tabby Token Rewards member?
A. No – Sign-up is FREE. Just provide your name, email address, and phone number! 

Q. How do I earn Tabby Tokens & what are the rewards?
A. Just Sign up & start shopping!  You will earn 1 Tabby Token for every $1 spent. Your Tabby Tokens will be automatically added to your account every time you shop!  No membership card is required; earn Tabby Tokens by signing into your account to shop online or by presenting your account information (name, phone, or email) at the register when you shop in our Gainesville store.

When you collect enough Tabby Tokens to unlock a reward, you will automatically get an email from Downtown Tabby Pet Store letting you know your reward is unlocked. You can choose to redeem the reward right away or save it for later for even bigger rewards.


Tabby Tokens Reward Levels:

Collect 500 Tabby Tokens and get 5% Off anything in the store

Collect 1000 Tabby Tokens and get 10% Off anything in the store

Collect 2500 Tabby Tokens and get 25% Off anything in the store.

Join today and get rewarded with 250 FREE Tabby Tokens!

Don't forget to keep an eye on our emails, we may have special events such as double points.  Then you can earn points twice as fast!


Q. How do I redeem my Tabby Tokens?
A. Once you have unlocked a Tabby Token Reward, you can redeem it online or in-store:

Online: Log in to your account, select ‘Points Balance’ and choose ‘REDEEM’.  A unique discount code is automatically generated and ready for you to use. You can use your discount code during online checkout by entering (copy & paste) your unique code into the Discount bar and clicking 'Apply'.  

In-Store: Just let one of our staff know at the counter that you want to redeem a reward. We can look up your account with your phone number or email address and apply the discount code for you at checkout. 


Q. How does Downtown Tabby Pet Store track my Tabby Tokens?
A. Whether you shop online or in-store, all purchases will be tracked through your Downtown Tabby Account. Make sure you are earning Tabby Tokens by always providing your account information when checking out.

In-Store: Before checkout is complete, let the cashier know you are enrolled in our rewards program. They will look up your account using your phone number or email address and apply your in-store purchase to your Tabby Token Rewards balance.

Online: When checking out online, be sure you are logged in to your account and purchases will automatically be credited to your Tabby Token Rewards balance as soon as your items have shipped or been delivered to you.


Q. Where can I find my Tabby Tokens balance?
A. Online: Visit & log in to your account to see your Tabby Tokens balance.

In-Store: Check the bottom of your receipt for points or ask a cashier

Email: View your points at the top of your emails


Q. Do Tabby Token Rewards expire? 
A. Tabby Tokens do not expire unless there is no activity on your account for 12 months or more. No activity means there have been no transactions or activities involving points on your account, i.e., no points being redeemed or earned.  Points expiry is not considered as account activity.


Q. Do I get a Rewards Membership card?
A. You do not need a physical card to earn Tabby Tokens, it's all done digitally! When shopping in our store, just tell the store associate that you're a rewards member and they will be able to look up your account details.


Q. How do I know when I've earned a Reward?
A. Downtown Tabby will send you an email notification as soon as you’ve earned enough Tabby Tokens to unlock a Reward. In addition, you may log in anytime to your Account online to view all current Tabby Tokens and Rewards.


Q. What happens to my points when I return an item?
A. Our generous return policy lets you return items within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or store credit. Any Tabby Tokens you earned when you originally purchased the returned merchandise are deducted from your points balance. When you choose to exchange the item(s) or receive a store credit, you will earn Tabby Tokens for those exchanged items or store credit purchases.

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