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😺 Cat Food Shortage? 🔥 Not at Downtown Tabby Pet Store We have all of your favorite wet cat food in stock and ready to deliver locally or ship. -Diamond Naturals Chicken Dinner For Kittens (mmmm mmmm good) Meow, I want 10 please... ✅ Not what you need? That's ok, you can shop and save on our full line of "IN STOCK" wet cat food here ☞ Looking for Dry Cat Food? Well head on over here: Now that the sales message is over, it is a serious thing when you are unable to buy cat food online.  Pet Food...

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Since the pandemic, we have seen various types of dog food and cat food supply shortages across the country. It has affected almost all industries including the pet food market. In 2022, we are still experiencing delays and interruptions in pet food manufacturing and distribution. You might be asking yourself: Why is there no dog food on shelves? The answer deals with various factors. The current supply chain issues are affecting pet supply stores both at their physical locations and online stores. Pet owners are having a hard time finding their favorite dog food brands. In addition to bottlenecks at...

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