Best Cat Food for Kittens

Your kitten might be small, but no doubt they’ve amazed you with their seemingly boundless reserves of energy. If there’s a furry friend in your life, you want to make sure you’re providing them with what they need to be at their healthiest and their happiest. It’s Downtown Tabby Pet Store’s mission to stock the right stuff to help you provide your beloved pet with the very best. But any sensible cat-owner could tell you that no two cats are alike - how can you be sure that you’re providing your feline companion at home with the correct food for them? Let’s take a look at some of the food available here at Downtown Tabby Pet Store, and how to identify the correct recipe for your cat or kitten. 

Best Cat Food for Kittens and Growing Cats

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If you have some experience caring for cats, you don’t need the ASPCA to tell you that most kittens are two to three times more energetic than the average adult cat. That means they’re going to consume two to three times as much energy. Do you know exactly how old your kitten is? If they’re past nursing age, you’ll have to work on weaning them from milk to regular kitten food. Kittens will require about 30% of their total energy from protein, so the formula you feed them really counts. Unless you and your vet have discussed a special diet for your kitten based on their particular needs, a good high-quality commercial pet food should tick all the boxes for keeping your kitten chasing their tail late into the night. 


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This is where Fromm Family Food comes in. Fromm Gold Kitten Dry Food is a tasty formulation of select proteins and healthy ingredients for kittens and growing cats. It provides balanced nutrition for kittens up to a year in age, and for pregnant or nursing cats. This recipe was prepared according to AAFCO Cat Nutrient Profiles, so you can be sure it’s the best food for the young cat in your life. 

Downtown Tabby Pet Store is here to make sure that you and your kitten are well-taken care of. You can pick up Fromm Gold Kitten Dry Food at our shop in Gainesville, Florida, or shop online with same-day shipping!